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"A Character Study — old Mother Gothel"

Jin Kim | graphite

Source: Cosmo Animato, Jin Kim’s blog

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Need more variation….! Quick little break doodles every now and then from the monitor, otherwise my eyes will tire out a lot faster. 

It might be a while before I have any fleshed out digital posts, so I’ll keep my blog alive with sketchbook draws every now and then! Adult life is busy @__@;; 

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Doing digital and traditional art!

Send me a message on my email: if you’re interested!


Bust/portrait: 5$

Body: 7$


Bust/portrait: 10$

Body: 13$

+ Extra person: 3$

+ Background: 5$


Bust/portrait: 15$

Body: 20$

+ Extra person: 5$

+ Background: 5-10$

ILLUSTRATIONS, COLOR AND SHADING (Lines is decidable in digital):

Bust/portrait: 20$

Body: 25$

+ Extra person: 5$

+ Background: 5-10$

I am almost peeing in my pants for doing this, but I really need the money and the practice, so please check my stuff out and see if you would like to get anything! I am sorry if the prices are too high, I am mostly doing this for practice, so if it is too stiff, we can discuss it. But I live in freaking Oslo and have now around 20$ on my account, so.. (a) I need to be desperate! 

 I don’t draw very sexual themed art or alot of gore, but I would love to draw your character or another you like!